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162 parents took part in discussions for the benefits of education

In the period December 2018 – June 2019 Opportunity and protection Association organized 10 discussions on the topic “Education – a prerequisite for a better future for children” within the project “Empowerment of Roma Women for Roma Children Education”.
162 parents of students from “Nikola Y. Vaptzarov” Primary School in Haskovo took part in the initiatives.
The purpose of the events was to provoke the parents to think about the importance of education for the successful development of their children.
The topics discussed during the meetings were: Legal framework for the education of children in Bulgaria; Right to education; Difficulties and challenges for parents of school-age children; The benefits of education for child development.
The participants were acquainted with the legal requirements and responsibilities of the parents with regards to the education of their children. It was explained that the right to education is one of the fundamental rights of children and the state observes it. The School Rules were also presented, which outline the rights and obligations of children and parents.
In an informal setting, the parents told about their difficulties in raising their children. Not speaking Bulgarian well turned out to be a major problem, which hinders children to manage in school and they lose motivation to attend it. The problem of early marriages was also discussed as it is one of the main reasons for the early dropout of Roma girls from the educational system.
During the meetings, the film “Emi and Ani” was projected, which presents the lives of two Roma girls – the one of which uneducated and the other with a very good education. The film was followed by a discussion focusing on the opportunities for better realization in life that education provides.
The work with parents from Roma community within the framework of the project “Empowerment of Roma Women for Roma Children Education” will continue with the implementation of “School for parents”, which will start in October 2019. Their aim will be participants to acquire skills to support their children in the educational process.







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